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“95% of floor failures is the result of poor surface and substrate preparation”

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SGI Engineering Technology Sdn Bhd is a Professional and Specialist Contractor and Distributor of equipment with more than 30 years of collective experience in the Surface Preparation, Rectification and Refurbishment Industry where our experiences and exposure has encompassed more than 3,000,000 M2 of industrial and commercial flooring since our inception.

​We provide a comprehensive and specialized range of services, equipment and tools offering innovative solutions to meet the the Challenges in the Building and Construction Industry providing technical, effective and sound solutions.

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We are a company driven by passion and growth with Advancement through technology.

We have a dynamic experienced team of personnel augmented with the technological automated equipment, right skills and tools to overcome and resolve the challenges of our customers, serving their needs and maintaining their reputation.

Our Business Philosophy

Our Business philosophy focuses on serving our customers in their best interest with the most technological, productive and cost effective manner.

Our Mission Statements

To REVOLUTIONIZE and INNOVATE the way things are done in the surface prep, rectification & refurbishment industry bringing greater PRODUCTIVITY, and a more COST EFFECTIVE process, through automation and technological advanced equipment contributing to the success of both the Industry and our customers in a significant profound manner, building Customers Institutional Equity and Reputation.

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