Diamond Grinding

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  • No Dust Pollution
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SGI Diamond Grinding

Diamond Grinding utilizes diamond tools to effectively prepare surfaces for most floor coverings systems and also for the removal of epoxy coatings, adhesive glue, water protective coating, and leveling construction joints to achieve aesthetically pleasing & level finishes.

SGI has a complete range of 4 headed Grinders, 3 headed Grinders, Single headed Grinders and Edge Grinders with specific applications.


  • Surface preparation works for floor coatings systems

  • Removal of floor coatings

  • Removal of adhesive glue

  • Removal of cement laitance

  • Removal of undulating joints

  • Leveling of uneven construction joints

  • Concrete Polishing

Project Reference

We have undertaken a variety of projects which include: Surface Preparation and Rectification, Smoothening of Undulating Floors and Construction Joints, Removal of Laitance, Removal of Coatings, etc.

  • PNB118 – Floor rectification of undulating levels and construction joints to more than 100 floor levels through rental-service package and sale of equipment, tools and expertise.

  • Seringin Condo – Floor Rectification of cement laitance and undulating levels to 63,000 m2

  • Wisma Attrium – removal of cement Laitance to more than 20 floor levels

  • K-Avenue & Forest City – Supply of equipment, tools and expertise to 25,000 M2 of Epoxy Terrazzo
  • Evertie Lighting Factory – Surface preparation for expoxy coating to 15,000 m2

  • Sime Swede Warehouse – Rectifying and correcting undulating floor levels of more than 10,000 M2
0+ million m2

Our Mission Statements

To REVOLUTIONIZE and INNOVATE the way things are done in the surface prep, rectification & refurbishment industry bringing greater PRODUCTIVITY, and a more COST EFFECTIVE process, through automation and technological advanced equipment contributing to the success of both the Industry and our customers in a significant profound manner, building Customers Institutional Equity and Reputation.

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