Refurbishment & Reinstatement Works

Advanced Technology Tough and ResilientCost Effective

  • Advanced Technology
  • Tough and Resilient
  • Cost Effective
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What is Refurbishment & Reinstatement Works?

Refurbishment & Reinstatement works are the utilization and combination of various equipment to demolish concrete structure safely and systematically for most rectification and refurbishment works. We own and utilize a comprehensive range of equipment and tools encompassing concrete scanning, hydro demolition, diamond coring, diamond cutting, wire sawing, and robotic hacking. We have the right skills, right equipment, experience, and know-how to execute controlled demolition works.

Our Refurbishment & Reinstatement works cover most type of materials such as concrete, steel, timber, masonry, and many more.


  • Demolition of concrete structures such as slab, beam, column, and stairs with minimal vibration

  • Removal of unstable structures

  • Rectification of structure collapse

Project Reference

0+ million m2

Our Mission Statements

To REVOLUTIONIZE and INNOVATE the way things are done in the surface prep, rectification & refurbishment industry bringing greater PRODUCTIVITY, and a more COST EFFECTIVE process, through automation and technological advanced equipment contributing to the success of both the Industry and our customers in a significant profound manner, building Customers Institutional Equity and Reputation.

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