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What is Hot Compressed Air System?

The unit consist of a specially designed combustion chamber into which propane gas and compressed air are fed. The gas/air mixture is ignited by a spark utility tool. The unit is then directed by the operator to burn a 310 mm wide path onto the floor at an optimum temperature of 1000 degree celcius. (Start up flare with low gas / air feed from 200 degree Celsius.)


The HCA System is a high performance operated machine for the treatment of:

  • Oil Impregnated Concrete floors

  • General drying of road markings

  • General drying of Wet/damp surface prior to various applications

  • Cleaning and heating road bridge joints

  • Surface softening prior to re-texturing

Project Reference

  • Maple tree house project in Johor Bahru – removal of excessive moisture on concrete slab prior to the application of surface prep, primer and floor application.
  • We have sold this equipment packaged with training to many leading floor manufacturers , Contractors and applicators both in Malaysia, namely Flowcrete Asia, Fosroc, Flowcrete Malaysia, Kajima and many others in the Asian regions of Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

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Our Mission Statements

To REVOLUTIONIZE and INNOVATE the way things are done in the surface prep, rectification & refurbishment industry bringing greater PRODUCTIVITY, and a more COST EFFECTIVE process, through automation and technological advanced equipment contributing to the success of both the Industry and our customers in a significant profound manner, building Customers Institutional Equity and Reputation.

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