Captive / Shot Blasting

Low Sound Pollution Uniform & Consistent ProfileDust Free

  • Low Sound Pollution
  • Fast Turn Around Time
  • Dust Free

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SGI Captive / Shot Blasting?

Captive / shot blasting is a dust free surface preparation method that utilizes steel abrasives to remove various impurities, contaminants, and weak spots on top of texturing and profiling the concrete for optimum bonding of subsequent surface topping systems.

Our productive coverage is 600m2 to 1500m2 per day per machine depending on job sites specification. Floor systems application can be applied immediately upon completion of shot blasting without delays.


  • Epoxy mortar and screed up to 10mm

  • Self-leveling flooring systems

  • Floor coating systems of 1mm – 3mm

  • MMA flooring systems

  • Removal of thin coatings 1mm & below

  • Removal of thermo plastic lines / markings

  • Removing rubber & contaminants

  • Profiling anti-slip finishes

Project Reference

  • Damansara I-City – 163,000 m2

  • KLIA 1 Car Park – 150,000 m2

  • The Curve – 93,000 m2

  • Tropicana City – 55,000 m2

  • Langkawi Aerospace – 50,000 m2

  • TBS Bandar Tun Razak – 35,000 m2

  • Maple Tree – 35,000 m2

  • Sg. Wang – 35,000 m2

0+ million m2

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To REVOLUTIONIZE and INNOVATE the way things are done in the surface prep, rectification & refurbishment industry bringing greater PRODUCTIVITY, and a more COST EFFECTIVE process, through automation and technological advanced equipment contributing to the success of both the Industry and our customers in a significant profound manner, building Customers Institutional Equity and Reputation.

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